»Tell me, but I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Let me do it myself and I’ll learn.«



At the Voce divina Academy, we offer trainings with an extremely wide range of topics, which bring listeners deep personal changes and significantly contribute to the liberation of patterns of action.

In the ever-increasing mass of knowledge, approaches, paths, and teachers, too many yearn for concrete experience, useful knowledge, and the interweaving of everything, as the basis of a completely real life here and now. In order to be able to confront the real and the unreal, a combination of sincerity, experience, expertise, and a holistic approach is necessary.

We prepare education and courses with the support of experienced experts from various fields, with whom we offer you a lot of spiritual support on the way to building your personal mission.


The Voce divina Academy opens its doors to education and training in the fields of personal and spiritual growth, self-support, self-healing, counseling, and self-activation.

Through informal forms of training or mentoring support for your individual work, you can participate in shorter and longer experiential educational programs that provide you with new knowledge, mentoring support, awareness and liberation, new insights, and encouragement to explore long-forgotten, hidden to the visible and audible.

You are invited to read more details about the programs and, depending on your lifestyle, pace, abilities, and aspirations, decide which one suits you best.


The path of a vibration teacher, vibration medicine consultant, listener, and mentor is a path of learning and listening first of all to yourself, through giving birth to your own experiences and willingness to See and Hear. It is a path of exploration, openness, and acceptance of everything that enters or exits my life, which takes place within the electromagnetic field.

Vibrational transformation is the foundation of every experiential educational journey, determined for everyone in the record of the Voice and vibrations of the Source, which we achieve with the help of both earthly and spiritual knowledge, because everything vibrates, everything emits a frequency. Every thought, word and deed, which within the EMF – electromagnetic field transforms and ripens into the highest good for each of us, is a tool for carrying out the purpose and mission.

The breadth of knowledge embraced along the path of maturation offers a rounded – holistic experience of the journey and further work.

  • Have you ever felt like you wanted to help yourself or fellow man, who on the path of life got lost, tired or realized that in a strong longing for “more beautiful and better” he chose a path that does not vibrate in accordance with his givens, capabilities, abilities and his disharmony creates disharmonies of the energy system, which is the driving force behind our physical and mental health?
  • Have you ever longed to use ancient, complementary, integrative as well as classical knowledge and approaches to create vibrationally enough within yourself? stable and flow person, which will be with heart and faith in goodness, set out on the vast seas of Life, between the waves and the waves a beacon to souls, coming from different directions, with different traveled paths and different missions in this earthly life?
  • They are attracted to the field of spiritual, vibrational medicine, and energy surgery, which with the help of both of science as a personal and spiritual development represents a comprehensive assistance on the way to strengthening energy-physical coherence and harmony?
  • Are you ready to accept responsibility for your life, your own transformation and in a spirit of respect let everything happen for you right time and space, for your highest good and the highest good of everyone around you?

Then this address is for you!

  • Even if you are not completely sure at this moment that this path is yours, maybe it helps you to become aware of which one is really the right one.
  • Maybe your interest will tell you where to go next!
  • Perhaps it awakens long-forgotten longings and interests in you.
  • Perhaps you need a moment of activation of the living spark that has been timidly smoldering for years.
  • But perhaps the address is intended for you to face the truth that is ripening in you and waiting to be released, to be realized. We carry the record of the latter in our energy field, as it is our journey and a task that will try to draw attention to itself in various ways throughout life. This cannot be written down, nor can it be secretly deleted. It’s simply is or is not. But that alone is not enough.

Experience on the way to the goal is a teacher who masters everyone who surrenders to his mission holistically and with the awareness that constant development is the only constant of earthly life, which does not strive for perfection or enlightenment, but liberation and empowerment.

The latter also takes time. Humans need very little for their natural development, above all heart and sincere trust in ourselves and the one who leads us. There are many teachers, but the path is the constant that shapes the student.

You can choose between a 1 (basic), 2 (advanced) or 3 (master) year program and an additional one-year in-depth specialization period in the chosen field. Each year lasts from October to June inclusive.
You can read more about individual programs below. With possible individual dilemmas we are happy to advise you at academia@vocedivina.si.



The “BASIC CLASS” program is intended for:

  • To all those who would like to embark on the path of self-healing, research, you have various challenges with physical health, the world of alternative approaches and spiritual knowledge is not yet known to you or is insufficiently known to you and you would like to open up and support your inner breadth.
  • To all of you who feel like strangers in your primary family, “struggle” for survival and existence, are confused in the flood of “spiritual” providers and your only window to the world is a written word that does not support you enough on the way to practical realization.
  • To all of you who don’t know how to start planning a route to find your way etc.
    Individual topics will be appropriately adapted and aimed at liberation and the initial steps of the chosen path.
  • To everyone who wants to apply and test the theory, improve and expand their basic knowledge.
  • We warmly recommend it to everyone who is struggling (or your loved ones are struggling) with various forms of ongoing treatment and chronic patients.
  • To everyone who has problems with the material flow of their own abundance.
  • To everyone with a difficult primary family, the environment in which you grew up and are in the grip of the challenges of descending from established patterns
  • To all of you who do not yet know your “identity card”, the “print and database of your own data“, with which you embarked on the journey of life with the task of upgrading and perfecting the latter to the best of your ability.
  • To all those who would like to join the program, you are not yet completely sure where the path of life is taking you and you need support and guidance in your steps and meetings of a therapeutic nature.

The “BASIC CLASS” program lasts one academic year, which you can continue into a two-year program and delve further into certain selected topics. Otherwise, you end the year with the “project task” of traveling to yourself – your own biggest challenge, which you have not yet been able to overcome, and which presents you with a challenge and the greatest weight at the same time.



The “ADVANCED CLASS” program is intended for:

  • To all those who have already embarked on the path of self-healing, research, personal and spiritual growth and have additionally explored it yourself.
  • For those of you who are aware of the importance of not only physical but above all vibrational development and want to learn more about the mystery of the “INNER MASTER”, self-activation, journey through in-depth topics of personal maturation, practical examples, and resolution of more challenging situations. The topics will be suitably in-depth and aimed at upgrading liberation and deepening personal growth.
  • To those who are already deeply exploring contact with their mission here and now.
  • To everyone who is ready to delve into the depths of their interpersonal relationships outside the primary family (friends, partnership, work-related social relations, …).
  • To everyone who creates more flowing thoughts, words, and actions and who has achieved internal empowerment of awareness of the importance of their own transformation.
  • For those of you who are aware that there can be many paths and teachers, that time is relative, and that we always have a choice.
  • To all those of you who are already aware of your own ability to be subjective and objective, as the latter is the basis for building your own responsibility toward life
  • To all those who still have many questions, many challenges in relation to themselves and their own Voice (which is not only intended for singing), their own immune system (the foundation of health), they may be facing the challenge of their own attitude towards personal expression to the world through their own talents.
  • To everyone who is not afraid to do something for the first time or to try something that they believed they could not do for a long time.
  • It is very suitable for all those who want in-depth personal development, a holistic approach to themselves and would like to use the knowledge to vibrate in accordance with the development of their lives as well as the times in which we live.
  • To everyone who would like to participate in a further program or enrich their existing work with additional skills, but currently, you do not trust themselves enough and do not feel that it is the right time to take further steps of engagement.

The “ADVANCED CLASS” program lasts one academic year and you finish it with a short research project on the topic “My life – my path to liberation” and with practical work (self-use). You can use the acquired knowledge for your own needs or as an enrichment of already existing therapeutic work.



The “MASTER CLASS” program is intended for:

  • For those who are already thoroughly researching their path, have faced and overcome various challenges of life, realized their inner strength, the power of intention and their own manifestation, are ready to maturely become aware of their experiences and turn them into an object of encouragement and support for seekers.

The acquired knowledge is intended for professional and professional work under the guidance of a mentor until the completion of specialization within the “family” of Voce divina d.o.o. and Zavod-a Glas!

  • To all who realize that the way forward is only the way inward.
  • To all those who, after challenges and their own confrontations, have the will and inner strength to trust, to be aware of the real and the unreal, and above all to respect, and who already feel within themselves an empowered pillar of light that, through their own self-renewal, can be upgraded into a beacon that will shine into the future in its own light own mission.
  • To all who realize that the “requirement” is a complete commitment to unconditional acceptance and openness to express and experience through the purpose of the individual.
  • To all those who are ready to “free” their Ego, direct it with Love and use it for the purposes of the Higher Good.
  • Only for those who can see deeper in their fellow man and are ready to serve someone, with the aim of personal growth, inner liberation, and empowerment.

The “MASTER CLASS” program lasts one academic year and ends with a diploma consisting of three parts: Part 1 “My Life – My Ways to Liberation – UPGRADING”, Part 2 “My Life – My Liberation”, Part 3 PRACTICAL WORK with the client


8 levels

The program of experiential workshops is designed according to the stages of a meaningful, energetic, and developmental sequence, where each individual, according to his own adapted time, can learn about and liberate the patterns of functioning of both the energetic and physical structure, with which he enters the functioning of his own life.

Each level concludes with a guided harmonization of the therapeutic character of vibrational medicine for support and further growth, which significantly strengthens and demagnetizes the field of action, which purifies and strengthens the person’s EMP (electromagnetic field) and enables better fluidity and inner stability for everyday life and significantly supports the individual treatment of the individual.

The support program is based on the explanation and insight into the functioning of energy and physical systems, concrete examples and exercises for self-help, the system support it provides to the individual comprehensive assistance on the path of discovery and research of everyday life, but above all they provide him support on the way to inner balance, satisfaction and motivation for own decisions and further steps.

Experiential workshops are suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to get to know in depth, above all, the knowledge and laws of the functioning of the energy system (7 energy vortices and 7 vibrational fields) in connection with the psychophysical constitution of man, and through the understanding of the latter to support the path of personal development and personal vibrational harmonization of a therapeutic character.
  • Anyone who wants to provide a more concrete insight into their own functioning and take care of their own balance, but is not educated or interested in professional knowledge, but mainly wants to understand how to support themselves and the effect of their individual treatments, which lead to a better psychophysical well-being and personal, spiritual growth.
  • All those who occasionally need support and guidance, either a group of like-minded people or a mentor in person and in this way gradually build a path of knowledge and self-confidence, because this is an opportunity when you can exchange opinions, recharge yourself with energy and more easily overcome the challenges brought by the periods between personal harmonization of a therapeutic nature and your progress.
  • Everyone who is preparing, undergoing treatment (any approach) or has already completed the latter and wants to maintain what has been gained, because every meeting, regardless of how many times you have already visited it, brings something new, liberates, raises the frequency and consequently strengthens our psychophysical structure.
  • Anyone who wants to manage their time and the course of development autonomously.
  • Those of you who are in distress and helplessness due to lack of personal freedom and want to understand your actions holistically and transparently, step out of your own patterns of action and comfort zone.
  • Anyone who would like to learn more about vibrational medicine, the functioning of the Holistic Studio of Voce divina, the diagnostics, and harmonizations of a therapeutic nature that we perform, and also to meet the author, mentor, and creator of the latter – Barbara Vodnik.


Each level lasts 1 day. Due to the conditions we have been facing for the last two years, we have also prepared an online program for you. You will be notified about the start of the program, including all the details, in your email inbox. You can sign up for e-newsletters here.

Each level is an individual and meaningfully rounded whole that you can visit again and again when you feel that you need more support in a particular area. It is desirable that the preliminary stage is well internalized, which makes it easier for you to work further and monitor your own empowerment.

The proceeds of the investment in your empowered life journey flow into the “I have a VOICE” Project, which helps all those whom life has put to the test of survival (children and adults), medical or personal life hardships, which prevent them from living fully and with quality and strengthening the spirit and thus transforming the flow of their own energy.


12 appointments (once a month) + 13. appointment FREE LIVE

An extended year-round program for independent work, with clear instructions and directions for maintaining harmony and balance, emerging through our changing periods of seasons and moons and natural laws within only these, the natural adaptations of each individual, etc., which in its existence affects our personal experience of life and our own actions.

In a careful interweaving of the rich knowledge of experts, you will be guided and “puddled” throughout the year with insights into the messages and recommendations of the spiritual world of each month. You will be guided through the holiday rituals of both ancient pagan ancestors as well as more modern holiday seasons. Packed with exercise and nutrition tips that lead to empowering the body and mind through each period. Every month you will receive a guided meditation, a personal growth challenge, tips and recommendations from experts, and more and more…

YEAR-ROUND ASSISTANCE, guidance, and direction of alignment with the currents of Nature and Cosmic arrangements, puts us in psychophysical balance, strengthens our immune system, creates an inner balance of calmness, harmonizes stressful periods, stabilizes daily relationships and takes care of the energetic hygiene of the path of development and action, expands horizons, it harmonizes with our primal harmonious nature and liberates.

The program is suitable for:

  • Those of you who are pressed for time, but still need guidance on the path of liberation and personal development.
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen the feeling of “security and belonging”.
  • All those who want or need something different, something “richer”, who want guidance, direction, and advice.
  • All who yearn to intertwine the course of their own life and work with various aspects and contents in a holistic and appropriate way.
  • It is very suitable for anyone who wants regular and continuous support in individual months and also needs a pinch of “mystic” to feel and activate the cleansing psychophysical system and self-healing system.

YEAR-ROUND SUBSCRIPTION – the possibility of leasing in a lump sum or in installments.

You will be notified about the start of the program, including all the details, in your email inbox. You can sign up for e-newsletters here.

The number of places is LIMITED.


We will be happy to advise you, we are available at our email address academia@vocedivina.si.
You will be notified of the start of individual programs in your inbox, you can sign up for e-newsletters here.


With our professional knowledge, we offer you various programs, with which we want to enable you to improve the quality of operation within your company or work environment.

You are welcome to read more details. If you think we can help you, we are happy to arrange a consultation on the basis of which we will prepare an individual program based on the needs and expectations of your business journey.

Let your path be a harmony of success and satisfaction, both for you, your colleagues, and last but not least, your users.


The program is intended for superiors and employees and represents a process in which the manager provides employees and himself with a healthy, energy-flowing and synergistic work environment. Here, it is absolutely necessary to take into account that the process takes place gradually, it is adapted to each individual, and when planning the process it is essential to listen to the wishes and expectations of the employees and the manager.

It is not only the external formal dynamics or the fluidity of the physical working environment that would make employees successful, but harmonization and empowerment is primarily about the individual and enabling personal harmonization for employees, which, in combination with the energy flow of the work environment, creates a harmonious environment to which they like to return again and again and are more creative in their work.

It is therefore about establishing the harmonious fluidity of the company as a whole, which consequently means that employees not only create the expected in the process, but with the possibility of expressing their own potential, with mutual incentives (praise, reward, …) as a community, they act beyond the expected. That is why the well-being of each individual within the company is important, as only the synergy of all participants within the given reflects the qualities and success of the company within the business world.

Harmonization and empowerment of employees enable stability and healthy self-image, motivation, productivity and strengthening belonging to the company. Employees are also more creative, collegial and more satisfied with the work they do. The employee will acquire and upgrade personal competences, as well as knowledge, with which he will ensure the company’s success in the future as well.


In recent years, workers in health care and care for the elderly or infirm have experienced a special psychophysical strain.

Their work is often psychophysically overloaded and does not allow their personal space for their own regeneration and harmonization of the system through empowerment. They do very responsible work with the most vulnerable groups of people. Many times they helplessly observe situations over which they have no influence.

Too often they are disrespected, work long hours, experience unexpected situations and at the same time try to spend quality time with their loved ones, which basically shows the necessity of their own inner balance, maintaining only this and the ability to develop empathy for everyone they meet in their environment.

These are just some of the reasons why such programs are almost necessary to establish and strengthen the personal harmonization of employees and their mutual dynamics, because, in such responsible and difficult workplaces, we need vital and satisfied people who can share their well-being with those who we need them in our vulnerability.


Workers in education also need constant harmonization of both the psychophysical structure and the dynamics within the work environment.

Educators and teachers are not only support in the path of growing up and education, but also an example of coping, research, personal attitude towards the given, and, last but not least, a model of behavior. Preschool and school systems are based on intensive work, where educators and teachers are exposed to stressful and unforeseen situations, which are often burdensome during the school year, which in turn weakens the workers’ immune system due to burnout and burnout. Thus, a person is not able to establish personal peace and harmony within the environment where he works.

The connection between colleagues is also very important, as the common interest of all should be quality education and support for young people in their development and not an environment of competition and mutual distancing.

As a principal or manager, you can provide dynamic lives and equip your workers with techniques for self-help, self-healing, and regeneration. Collectively, you can ensure the freshness of the dynamics of upbringing and education, from which you will all have the result of harmony and empowerment, and success will be seen in children, young people, and parents.

With teachers who are in personal balance (harmonization), the students will also harmonize and thus their daily coexistence will be easier and more pleasant.

FOR WORKERS IN THE WORLD OF PUBLIC WORK, IN THE WORLD OF CULTURE and MEDIA (for professional musicians, actors, announcers, media and other public figures)

Musicians, singers, actors, etc. live a life of unusual schedules and their work often takes much longer than it appears on the outside. In addition to performing during office hours, a good part of their time must be devoted to rehearsals and additional stress in obtaining opportunities at various auditions, etc. Because of the shorter working period, they have to constantly educate themselves and invest a lot of effort; not only in exercises but also in psychophysical conditions, which increased significantly over the years due to the abundance of competition.

Many hardships arise as a result of competition or proving one’s own abilities, which often reflects a quality that reflects the fatigue and exhaustion of the individual performer. Performers are under constant stress, as they never perform without stage fright, regardless of whether they are on stage in a group or alone. Trembling becomes a part of everyday life and only increases and intensifies with helplessness and inner disharmony.

The support of superiors is often the foundation for further work here, and the harmony of the internal environment is a condition for the empowerment of every employee in this kind of cultural institution.

The experience of individuals exposed to the media or the public world, which is often an inexorable force, is very similar. Inner balance, harmony, and empowerment are thus synonymous with success in the fields of such business and work environments.


For more individual information, advice and applications for consultations, we are available at our email address academia@vocedivina.si.


“I like to listen. I learned a great deal by listening carefully. Most people never listen.” E.Hemingway


Founder of the Voce divina Holistic Studio, the Voce divina Academy and the Glas Institute, mezzo-soprano and music pedagogue with special music-technical and music-therapeutic knowledge

At the Academy, Barbara teaches the fields of vibration medicine and sound surgery, and conducts individual consultations and practical work for future therapists. She is an eternal researcher of music and its influence on a person’s psychophysical development and energy system.

The voice is a vibration, which is why Barbara has been deeply engaged in sound vibration diagnostics for many years, which supports a person on the path of liberating and strengthening his own vibratory system of body and spirit.

With an innate sense for recognizing the vibrations of the body, musical instruments, and the inner Voice, it leads the individual to personal empowerment.


The ultimate expert in working according to the method of family constellation therapy

Matthew founded 1. Institute for Phenomenological Therapy and with his work laid the foundation for the establishment of the family constellation in Slovenia. He has been professionally present in this field for more than 18 years.

Family constellation has become a synonym for a successful method, which is of great help to all those for whom it is important that feelings of responsibility, trust, harmony, and happiness prevail in family relationships.

It leads the participants of the seminars to completely new insights and perspectives on conflict events in their families. It leads them on a journey where they take responsibility for their own lives and happiness. The door is always open to anyone who is willing to work on themselves.


Philosopher and clinical psychologist, lecturer, therapist and publicist

In Italy, she studied philosophy and educational sciences, then psychology. In the early 1990s, Vida Žabot was considered one of the most powerful media icons in Slovenia, she became Slovene Woman of the Year.

Today, she lectures a lot, as a clinical psychologist, she devotes herself to people who want to create a higher quality of life and the best possible version of their Being in their everyday life.

“No one could ever bend me and walk over my head if it wasn’t in accordance with what I believed in and what was sacred to me. Everything that is born in us communicates something. Every anxiety, every pain can give birth to a pearl.”


Jyotish and Vastu consultant, lecturer, mentor

Tina has always been attracted to nature and its rhythms. In 2005, she decided to study Jyotish, Vedic astrology, which is actually the knowledge of natural rhythms.

For four years, she studied and was educated about this extraordinary old knowledge in Croatia and Slovenia within the framework of the Adrian P. Kezel Spiritual Academy. After completing her studies as a Jyotish, she also trained as a Vastu expert and consultant.

With all her knowledge and life experience, she regularly helped people in the form of Jyotish and Vastu consultations and lectures since 2007. Thousands of birth charts, hundreds of floor plans and vastu analyses, and a small sea of stories and experiences.


Chinese metaphysics knowledge mentor

Helena improves her skills every year at the world-renowned Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, founded by Joey Yap. Ancient sciences and the forces of the universe attracted her from an early age.

She was always fascinated by the thought and belief that destiny is not immutable, but rather that people shape it for themselves and that things run more smoothly in our lives if we follow natural universal laws.

Her passion for foreign cultures and world travel also carried her to Asian countries, the cradle of knowledge of Chinese metaphysics. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she discovered a holistic and systematically arranged study of the fields she had dreamed about since she was a child.


Slovenian Roman Catholic priest, writer, publicist, screenwriter
Karel entered the order of the Capuchin brothers after graduating from the Secondary Construction Technical School. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Ljubljana and was ordained a priest in 1985. Two years later, he completed his master’s studies.
In 2003, he was promoted to Doctor of Science in the field of literary sciences at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In addition to performing his profession and writing, he also dealt with the problem of addiction. In 1997, he founded Don Pierino’s commune for girls in Razborje pod Lisca, the first and only girls’ community of its kind in Slovenia.
He is interested in various fields, including history.In addition to writing about problematic topics and the hardships of modern man, he writes books for children, youth, and adults, novels, short prose, folk plays, and television scripts.


Graduated educator of preschool children, mentor, and consultant in the field of upbringing and education, lecturer, writer

Karmen is a creator of didactic and interactive games for children and adults, as well as a writer of educational stories for children and spiritual poetry for adults on the path of personal development, a great lover of nature and harmonious life, and a volunteer. Lecturer and graduate educator of preschool children with seventeen years of work experience with children in preschool education.

In his literary works, lectures, and discussion groups, he interweaves his professional knowledge and experience with rich experiences gained on the path of his personal growth and with inspiration from nature.

In her spare time, she also likes to participate in various humanitarian campaigns and projects, as well as with various associations in Slovenia. She likes new challenges and is constantly improving herself in many areas.


Academic musician, professional leader of music workshops and programs, mentor and lecturer at the Voce divina Academy, deputy director of Voce divina, and head of the professional council of the Glas Institute

Samo is a versatile musician who graduated from the department of music pedagogy of the Faculty of Education in Maribor and in the singing class of prof. Irene Baar at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

As a lecturer, he participated in vocal seminars and symposia and was a member of various expert committees. He is the co-author of the music textbook for the high school program Music 1. Today, he devotes himself intensively to modern jazz vocals and participates in various projects.

He works as a singing teacher at the Karol Pahor School of Music in Ptuj but also works as a pianist, conductor, composer, arranger, organizer, and lecturer. His compositions and arrangements regularly appear on the programs of domestic and foreign choirs and vocal groups. In 2015, he recorded the studio album “Turn It Up” with the vocal jazz quartet Vox Arsana in collaboration with the Big Band of RTV Slovenia.


A top doctor of Ayurveda, he comes from a family of classical doctors

“We teach how to live healthy. When an illness occurs, we don’t just treat the symptoms, we find the cause of the illness and cure it. If you practice Ayurvedic medicine correctly, there are far fewer side effects. If you get sick, it means that toxins have accumulated in your body. You never get sick overnight.

Ayurveda is the science of life, prevention, and longevity, as it is the oldest and most comprehensive health system available in the world today. It is a system of traditional medicine that is also practiced in other parts of the world as a form of complementary and alternative medicine.

It covers all aspects of health, promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This means that it treats people holistically, teaches them how to live in harmony with nature, and helps them live a healthy life.


Univ. B.Sc. theologian, gestalt pedagogue, family mediator, manual therapist PE Maribor, external associate of Zavod Glas

Andreja is a university graduate in theology, Gestalt pedagogue and internationally trained family mediator who completed her master’s degree at the International Institute for Marriage and Family in Gaming.

Her fields of activity are constantly intertwined with rich knowledge, which also led her to the fields of an alternative approach to man himself. She is a professionally trained reflexologist and mentor of meditative dances.

Most of all, she is attracted to a person in a relationship, each of whom is a great mystery and riddle to himself and others. That is why she likes to listen to the life stories of individuals whose life has marked them in different ways and likes to discover the essence and meaning of human life together with others.


For more individual information about applications and programs, we are available at our email address academia@vocedivina.si.
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